Non-Emergencies – 911 Vs. 231-1212

When Should I Call 911?

Call 911 when you see a crime in progress. This includes all acts of violence. When there is an immediate threat of injury or harm to a person. Call 911 in any medical emergency. Call when you’ve located or identified a suspect/subject who the police have been seeking. Call in situations where there is a need for crowd or traffic control. Or when you hear gunshots or someone screaming for help.

When Should I Make A Non-Emergency Call? 314-231-1212

Call in incidents involving minor injuries that require no medical attention. Peace disturbance calls. Loud music and dogs barking are two examples. Illegal trash dumping. Reporting a stolen car or other stolen property. Whenever there is no immediate threat of injury or harm.

The same operators that answer emergency calls also answer non-emergency calls. The operator may determine that the situation is an emergency and transfer you to the 9-1-1 terminal if needed.

If you are ever unsure whether your call is an emergency or a non-emergency please call 911.